Nuno Costa

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Seven songs, six musicians, five sound good, four play really well, third album, two hits and one download!

About “Detox”

«I like to feel since the very first moment, from the Intro, through the improvisation to the end of a song that a story is being told and that an imaginary conductive line is never broken. Nuno Costa, with João Moreira, João Guimarães, Óscar Marcelino da Graça, Bernardo Moreira and André Sousa Machado, have made such a record. Everything has a purpose. Perhaps it is the way and the intelligent relation between the written and improvised parts or the solos having individual assigned sections is what makes this album so captivating. It is enjoyable to listen to and it is never predictable. I don’t feel one can ask more from a record. »

Mário Laginha

«Costa employs a generally self-effacing modus operandi tending to push the other soloists forward, much as Miles Davis was latterly wont to do. But whilst the guitarist takes something of a democratic stance as far as soloing goes, his music is engaging, expertly arranged and performed, compositionally hypnotic and definitely deserving of more exposure.»

Roger Farbey, All About Jazz, Maio 2015

«Nuno Costa masters the electric guitar on its entire range (listen to “Hum...?” solo introduction), structures his compositions as a building with several floors. A post-bop jazz with an erudite mix of sonorities and charming melodies.»

Claude Loxhay, Jazz Halo, 2015

«The newest from guitarist Costa possesses a serious vibrancy and gets served up with an appealing easy-going delivery. Strong melodies take on a dreamy presence while given plenty definition from the piano-bass-drums rhythm section. Trumpet and alto sax round out the sextet on this excellent session.»

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm, 2015

«Nuno’s last album - “Detox” - it’s an amazing record. An innovative sound which greatly enriches jazz and represents Portugal at the highest level. It’s a strong and quick sting to jazz sonority, flying on top of an infinite number of possibilities...»

Miguel Bordalo, Rufus... He's the Man, Zero Emag, 2015

«Young Lisbon-based, Portuguese guitarist Nuno Costa, delivers his third album as leader with the airy and very modern-like Detox boasting seven intricate originals performed by an all- European crew in a sextet format. This is not your typical straight-ahead material having discernible melodies and rhythms of the bebop or other traditional jazz nature. Costa designs compositions that are provocative and intelligent, leaning towards the fusion or edgy modern jazz style with a bit of the free-style flavor in the mix... Nuno Costa's special Detox recording may not be for everyone but, will certainly find a place with the discerning aficionado who can appreciate the sophisticated musical message being conveyed here.»

Edward Blanco, All About Jazz, 2015

«The tone of the album really is well represented by the cover art: imaginative, gentle, even a bit whimsical at times.There's musical variety here, but it always leans toward the lyrical.»

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz, 2015

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